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San Diego, CA, 92103


Our Story

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Inspired by a lifetime of healing

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Hi my name is Brandy Augustine PhD and I am the owner of Studio Be Well and Mountain Herbal Company. 

I began private practice in Northern California 12 years ago before finally moving to my dream location and building a thriving private Natural Health practice in the sunny San Diego California area for the last 9 years. 

I have experience working with people living all over the country with all types of health concerns, including fatigue, headaches, skin disorders, digestive disorders, allergies, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, diabetes, infertility, chronic diseases, and many many many others. 

I have been a part of the Healing Community for many years now and feel that everyone has the ability and the right to lead a healthy happy life! It is my passion and life goal to help create not only the healthiest community but to spread this health across the world.


Why I Chose This Career Path

My decision to focus on healing through the use of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and whole foods came out of my own experience with regaining my own health. From a young age I dealt with digestive issues, chronic allergies and immune problems and suffered from headaches, chronic infections, hormone dysfunction, and other symptoms which Doctors of Conventional Medicine were unable to locate a cause or treatment. It wasn’t until I came upon a holistic practitioner that I was able to finally find the key to unlocking the barriers to my optimal health.

My love for my profession and my clients ultimately led me to hundreds of hours of research looking for the most effective combination of nutrients to be able to successfully address all my clients health concerns. Through this research I was able to create my own line of healing herbal infusions, tinctures, tonics, salves, and creams at Mountain Herbal Company along with proven healing programs to provide the best possible care to my fellow health seekers.

I Believe In Taking An Innovative, Natural, And Unique Approach To Healing My Clients By Looking At Each Person As A Unique Individual With A Unique Set Of Chemistry.

I believe that health and a life of thriving wellness is among our most valuable possessions and that anyone can achieve this through the body's innate ability to heal itself given the right nutrients and conditions.

By getting back to the way we were naturally meant to care for our bodies we are able to recover from imbalances and illnesses that medication is unsuccessful in curing. 

“The Natural Healing Force Within Each Of Us Is The Greatest Force In Getting Well.” 

Thank you for looking through our website and I look forward to having the opportunity to assist you with any help or education that I can to help improve your state of being! Please feel free to read through my blogs and post comments or head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to connect. If you are ready to get started on your path to true health and are unsure where to start give us a call and we will be happy to spend a few minutes discussing how we can help you and what programs might be the best fit for your particular situation.

In Great Health,

-Brandy Augustine PhD

"The Gut Healer".....Heal the gut, heal the body



We take the guesswork out of staying healthy by doing the research and trial for you. All of our products are hand selected for their quality, sustainability, and are ethically sourced, and organic & non GMO. With a background in herbal studies, many of our quality herbals are formulated by Brandy Augustine herself under our sister company Mountain Herbal Company. Through clinical trials with clients over the years she has been able to formulate the highest quality herbal supplements that best fit the needs of each individual health concern.



Over the years we have learned through our clinical practice what it takes to truly heal and stay healthy. Because of this knowledge we are able to provide a full service wellness center that offers everything you need to get and stay healthy from our one on one healing programs programs to our detox sauna treatments, energetic frequency treatments, and group cleanses.

in addition to our healing programs we also offer access to functional lab testing for hormone balance, gut and digestive health, immune function, and inflammatory foods testing.



We strive to provide the best and most inclusive education to our healing community by providing weekly workshops in our studio on everything from how to stay healthy through daily self care to fermentation and meditation classes.

There is so much information to give you all that we have found workshops provide a fun and educational way to teach you tips that you can add to your daily life to improve the quality of your life without feeling overwhelmed.